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At Blour Solutions, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive seller-side services that empower technology and software companies to reach their target market, negotiate effectively, and successfully implement their solutions.

Define Target Market

Our exceptional industry expertise enables technology and software companies to showcase their innovative solutions to the defined target market and establish credibility. We make deliberate efforts to specifically reach potential enterprise customers who are likely to have an interest in their product. By narrowing down the customer base to a defined group, we develop a strong, professional, and customer-focused sales proposal. We categorize buyers based on their scale of operations, financial budgets, technology adoption, operational inefficiencies, process requirements, customer base, and industry landscape. Furthermore, we define each buyer segment based on the technology gaps and challenges they aim to address through the solution implementation. We develop a product line to address specific needs, determine optimal pricing strategies, identify the most effective marketing channels, highlight the key features that differentiate the product, and analyze the product or service offering. We also identify specific organizations to target.

Price Negotiation

We take the lead in negotiating by actively listening, articulating value, and collaborating on solutions that benefit both sellers and buyers. Our expertise in negotiation ensures that you secure the best possible deals while maintaining healthy and profitable relationships with your clients.

Seamless Solution Implementation for Operational Excellence

Well-managed implementation leads to numerous benefits, including lower business operational risk, improved speed to value, minimization of project scope creep, and reduced delays caused by errors and rework. We ensure that solutions are successfully applied and configured to achieve mutual operational goals. By working closely with clients and vendors, we utilize best implementation practices to guide every aspect of the project. We manage pilot testing, data migration/integration, customizations, deployment processes, and user instruction and training. Our focus is on seamless integration and continual support until successful implementation is achieved.

Empowering tech sales: From target market to seamless implementation.

  • Define Target Market

  • Develop a product line to address specific needs

  • Determine optimal pricing strategies

  • Identify the most effective marketing channels

  • Highlight the key features that differentiate the product

  • Analyze the product or service offering

  • Identify specific organizations to target

  • Escort the entire project until successful implementation

  • Price Negotiation

  • Seamless Solution Implementation for Operational Excellence

  • Manage pilot testing, data migration/integration, and customizations

  • Assist implementation partners in deployment and going-live processes

  • Coordinate user instruction, user documentation, and training

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